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Victoria Hanlin

Victoria Hanlin


About Victoria

British-born, Los Angeles-based dialect coach Victoria Hanlin, has over a decade of experience helping clients master virtually any accent or dialect of spoken English. She's worked with actors the world over to help them prepare for roles and auditions. As Victoria will tell you, the ultimate goal of dialect coaching is the ability to seamlessly and instinctively assume an accent or dialect. With her distinguished coaching techniques, she helps her clients focus entirely on their role without thinking twice about their accent. View Victoria's Resume



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Experienced Series Dialect Coach 

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Dialogue Coaching

Local in Los Angeles and London.

Available to Work Worldwide

Accent Expertise

“General” American American Southern (all varieties) ◆ Midwestern American (all varieties) ◆ Boston (all varieties) ◆ New York (all varieties) ◆ Chicago (all varieties) ◆ AAE ◆ British RP (all varieties, modern & vintage) ◆ London (all varieties) ◆ Northern British English (all varieties) ◆ West Country British ◆ East Anglia ◆ Welsh (all varieties) ◆ Scottish (all varieties) ◆ Southern Irish (all varieties) ◆ Northern Irish (all varieties) ◆ Australian (all varieties) ◆ New Zealand (all varieties) ◆ South African (all varieties) ◆ West African (all varieties) ◆ Brazilian Portuguese ◆ French (all varieties) ◆ Russian (all varieties) ◆ Swedish (all varieties) ◆ German (all varieties) ◆Hindi/Urdu (all varieties) ◆ Arabic (all varieties) ◆ Italian (all varieties) ◆ Spanish (all varieties) ◆ Caribbean (all varieties) ◆ Turkish