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Susan Hegarty

Susan Hegarty


Susan Hegarty, Dialect Coach

Susan Hegarty has served as Dialect Coach, working closely with actors on set during production, for more than fifty-five feature films, as well as dozens more in pre- and/or post-production, and a number of television movies and pilots. Regular or repeat clients include Kate Winslet (all the way back to Titanic; currently in pre-production for Avatar2), Rachel Weisz (twelve films), Helen Mirren, Idris Elba, Juliette Binoche, KristenStewart, Penelope Cruz, Ralph Fiennes, Eric Bana, and Naomi Watts. Additionally, she has worked with dozens of other top actors, privately and on set, from Claire Danes to Kathy Bates to Lily Tomlin to David Bowie to Steve Martin to Ben Kingsley, and coached performances winning an Oscar (Kate Winslet in The Reader), two Emmys(Claire Danes in Temple Grandin and Kate Winslet in Mildred Pierce), and three Golden Globes, as well as a number of other nominated performances. Recent releases includeWonder Wheel, The Mountain Between Us, The Leisure Seeker (Helen Mirren - Golden Globe nomination), Molly’s Game (post-production), and The Dark Tower (additional photography).




Select Directors

Hany Abu-Assad ◆ Woody Allen ◆ Jon Amiel◆ Darren Aronofsky ◆ Miguel Arteta ◆ Kathryn Bigelow ◆ Peter Bogdanovich ◆ Danny Boyle◆ Kenneth Branagh ◆ Adam Brooks ◆ Neil Burger◆ James Cameron ◆ J.C. Chandor◆ Isabel Coixet ◆ Laurie Collyer ◆ Cameron Crowe ◆ Stephen Daldry ◆ Todd Field◆ David Frankl ◆ Stephen Frears ◆ Tony Gilroy ◆ Michel Gondry◆ John Lee Hancock ◆ Curtis Hanson◆ Todd Haynes◆ Mick Jackson ◆ Peter Jackson ◆ Clark Johnson ◆ Rian Johnson ◆ Ang Lee ◆ Terence Malick ◆ Sam Mendes ◆ Christopher Nolan ◆ Roman Polanski◆ Rob Reiner ◆ Jason Reitman ◆ Robert Schwentke ◆ Steven Seagal ◆ Jim Sheridan◆Steven Soderburgh ◆ John Singleton ◆ Steven Spielberg ◆Tim Story ◆ The Wachowskis ◆ Matt Williams ◆Wong Kar-Wai ◆ Paolo Virzi


Partial Actor Clientele

Kate Winslet ◆ Rachel Weisz ◆ Idris Elba ◆ Helen Mirren ◆ Kristen Stewart ◆ Steve Martin ◆ Ralph Fiennes  ◆ Juliette Binoche ◆ Garret Hedlund ◆ Vin Diesel ◆ Joe Alwyn ◆ Rinko Kikuchi ◆ Naomi Watts ◆ Irrfan Khan ◆ Claire Danes ◆ Ioan Gruffudd ◆ David Bowie ◆ Eric Bana ◆ Kathy Bates ◆ Lily Tomlin ◆ Rachel Griffiths ◆ Alison Lohman ◆ Jamie Bell ◆ Penelope Cruz ◆ Jason Statham ◆ Kate Hudson ◆ Monica Bellucci ◆ Jeffrey Wright  ◆  Carmen Ejogo ◆ Anna Paquin ◆ Natalie Portman ◆ Ashley Judd ◆ Stockard Channing ◆ Catherine Zeta-Jones ◆ Ben Kingsley ◆ William Petersen ◆ Woody Harrelson ◆ Billy Crudup ◆ Patricia Arquette ◆ Gabriel Byrne ◆ Lena Olin ◆ Jon Voight ◆ Don Cheadle ◆ William Hurt ◆ Ellen Barkin ◆ Shelley Winters ◆ Barbara Hershey ◆ Julianne Moore ◆ Jennifer Connelly ◆ Michael Caine ◆ River Phoenix ◆ Sandra Bullock ◆ Kenneth Branagh ◆ Emma Thompson