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Pamela Vanderway

Pamela Vanderway


About Pamela Vanderway

Pamela Vanderway is a veteran of the entertainment industry having worked as a professional dialect coach for a wide variety of theatre, film, television and new media productions.  In her private practice as an accent coach, she works with actors, newscasters and presenters on accent selection, acquisition and performance integration for specific projects and for acting career advancement. She is known for her history of offering NDA's to high profile actors in order to preserve privacy surrounding their accent acquisition process.  Her clientele include Oscar, Tony and Emmy nominees and winners.

Pamela Vanderway curates the largest collection of voice, speech and accent related links on the internet at www.Pinterest.com/dialectcoaches, writes for Backstage magazine, serves on the board of governors at Los Angeles Stage Alliance and is the main sponsor of LA Stage Space,  LASA's cooperative warehouse which works like a lending library of set pieces, props and costumes for its members. She is an active member of Women in Film, Women in Media, The Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA), and sometime lecturer for SAG-AFTRA's conservatory. She has taught accent at California Institute of the Arts, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of San Diego, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and many private acting studios. 



DCW Master Coach (Trains Other Coaches)

Skilled Key Coach / Supervisory Coach

Significant Experience with High Profile Clients

Discreet Entourage Accent Coach (offers NDA's)

Private Clientele Include Oscar, Tony, Emmy and Webby Winners

Curator of Largest Collection of Accent Links on the Internet 

Dialect Fitting

Dialogue Coaching

Local Status in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, New Orleans, Seattle and Mexico City, MX

Available to Work via Internet and on Location Worldwide

Accent Expertise

General and Standard American ◆ American Southern (all varieties) ◆ Midwestern American (all varieties) ◆ Boston (all varieties) ◆ New York (all varieties) ◆ Chicago (all varieties) ◆ British RP (all varieties, modern & vintage) ◆ London (all varieties) ◆ Northern British English (all varieties) ◆ West Country British ◆  Welsh ◆ Scottish (all varieties) ◆ Southern Irish (all varieties) ◆ Northern Irish (all varieties) ◆ Australian (all varieties) ◆ New Zealand (all varieties) ◆ South African (all varieties including Zulu) ◆ Brazilian Portuguese ◆ French (all varieties) ◆ Russian (all varieties) ◆ Czech ◆ Polish ◆ Hungarian ◆Serbian/Croatian ◆German (all varieties)◆ Swiss ◆Vietnamese ◆ Indian/Hindi/Urdu (all varieties) ◆ Arabic (all varieties) ◆ Italian (all varieties) ◆ Spanish (all varieties)


"Brilliant dialect coach" - Movie Maker Magazine, Erik Singer

"Pam understands that actors struggle, and they have plateaus, and they have breakthroughs. She makes them feel very safe, yet she's very clear when you're not doing it right." MS, Director

"Language is complex and the way she maneuvers around the intricacies is a work of art."  GL, Actor

"Vanderway's ear is so keen she even spruced up the British accent of a British actress." LA Times, Hugh Hart

"Her dialect fittings are an amazing experience — so insightful." HJ, VO Actor

"Saved my a--"- EW, Oscar Nominee



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