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Eliza Simpson

Eliza Simpson


About Eliza Simpson

Eliza coaches actors, voice-over artists, and spokespeople into credible, natural sounding, authentic accent performances. Her extensive training in Knight-Thompson Speechwork allows her to teach accents and foreign language quickly and clearly to both the uninitiated and seasoned accent performer alike. Eliza is also the co-founder of The Motherline Story Project, a storytelling collective and incubator for female expression which has collaborated with women in the USA and Egypt. 

Eliza Simpson is local to New York, Virginia and Indiana and is available to travel to shooting locations worldwide. In addition, she works via Skype, Zoom (or equivalent) for the convenience of her clients globally.   


  • DCW Verified Coach

  • Certified Knight-Thompson Speech Trainer

  • Coaches Multiple Accents

  • Accent Design

  • Accent Casting Support

  • Dialogue Coaching

  • New York Based, Available to Work Worldwide

  • Multi-lingual and Conlang Coaching

Accent Expertise

North American
◆“General” American
◆ American Southern (all varieties) 
◆ Midwestern American (all varieties) 
◆ New England / Boston (all varieties) 
◆ New York (all varieties) 
◆ Chicago (all varieties) 
◆ AAE (all varieties)
◆ Mexican (all varieties)

United Kingdom
◆British RP  (modern & vintage) 
◆ London (all varieties) 
◆ Northern British English (all varieties) 
◆ West Country British
◆ Welsh (all varieties) 
◆ Scottish (all varieties) 
◆ Southern Irish (all varieties) 
◆ Northern Irish (all varieties) 

◆ Chinese (various),Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese
◆ Australian and NewZealand, Polynesian



◆ South African (All varieties) 
◆ West African (Nigeria, Senegal, Liberia) 
◆ East African (Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia) 
◆ Arabic (Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan) 
◆ Israeli (all varieties) 

South America
◆ Brazilian Portuguese
◆ South American Spanish (all varieties) 
◆ Caribbean (all varieties) 

◆ French (all varieties) 
◆ Spanish (all varieties)  
◆ Russian (all varieties)  
◆ German (all varieties) 
◆ Italian (all varieties) 
◆ Romanian
◆ Polish / Czech
◆ Serbian/Croatian
◆ Norwegian