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Elena Baranova

Elena Baranova


Elena Baranova, Russian and French Linguist

Overall more that 25 years experience translating, interpreting and coaching  Russian and French.Clients include: AFI, Academy of Motion Pictures, DGA, ICM , Sony Pictures, Fox,  Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, TNT, CBS, NBC


DCW Verified Language Coach

25 Years of Experience

Experience with High Profile Clients

Russian Translation

Russian Interpreting

Russian Language Coaching

French Translation

French Language Coaching

French Interpreting


Local in Los Angeles

Available to Work Worldwide


2018 DEVS Dialect Coach. Karl Lewis Glusman

2018  Billions, Dialect Coach. John Malkovich

2017  Siberia  Dialect and Russian Language Coach. Keanu Reeves

2017  Behind Enemy Lines, Pilot. 20TH Century Fox. Russian Dialect Coach

2016 Hunter  Killer Dialect Coach. Michael Nyqvist

2016 The Hitman’s Bodyguard.  Lionsgate. Dialect Coach, Russian coach. Gary Oldman

2015 Atomic Blond  Russian Dialect Coach. Charlize Theron

2014 Last Ship. TNT. Russian Dialogue Coach and Translator.

2014 Allegience  NBC Pilot  Dialect Coach. Hope Davis

2013  John Wick. Lionsgate. Dialect Coach for Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen

2013 Pawn Sacrifice . Russian Dialect Coach for Liev Schreiber

2012 A Good Day to Die Hard 20TH Century Fox. Russian Dialect Coach, Translator, and Russian consultant. Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch

2011 The Lorax  Universal.  Russian Coach for Danny DeVito.

2010 Undercovers Warner Bros. Pilot Directed By JJ Abrams

2009 Iron Man 2  Dialect Coach Mickey Rourke

2007 Charlie Wilson’s War: Dialogue Coach and Translator

2007 Flawless Russian Coaching for Demi More

2003 Birthday Girl: Post Production coaching: for Nicole Kidman

2002 CSI Miami: Dialogue Coach

1997 History is Made at Night: Dialogue Coach for Irene Jacob  and ADR coaching

1996 The Saint: Russian Dialogue Consultant for Philip Noyce

1994 Air Force One: Dialogue Coach for Gary Oldman

1992 Dracula: Additional Dialogue Coaching for Gary Oldman

1991 JFK :  Dialogue Coach  for Gary Oldman

1990 Russia House : Translator Sean Connery and Fred Schepisi.