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Erik Singer on Location

Erik Singer on Location

Erik Singer, Master Dialect Coach

Erik Singer's expertise is in the sound systems of languages and accents, and in a process of accent and foreign language acquisition which allows actors to inhabit—truthfully, accurately and fully—speech patterns different from their own. Due to this specific expertise, Erik Singer can coach any accent, nearly any language and is unsurpassed in his ability to coach actors into specific, evocative performances based on real life individuals.   View Erik's Resume



DCW Verified Master Coach

Master Teacher Knight-Thompson Speechwork (Coaches other coaches)

Fitzmaurice Voice Certification

Coaches Accents in Multiple Languages

Linguistics Consultation & Research

Con-lang Construction

Dialogue Coaching

Dramatic Translation services

SAG-AFTRA member

Voice and Speech Trainers Association member

First dialect coach to be awarded a Webby

Local in New York (and for long-term projects, Los Angeles)

Available to Work Worldwide

Accent Expertise

“General” American ◆ American Southern (all varieties) ◆ Midwestern American (all varieties) ◆ Boston (all varieties) ◆ New York (all varieties) ◆ Chicago (all varieties) ◆ AAE (All varieties) ◆Mexican, Central and South American ◆British RP (all varieties, modern & vintage) ◆ London (all varieties) ◆ Northern British English (all varieties) ◆ West Country British ◆ East Anglia ◆ Welsh (all varieties) ◆ Scottish (all varieties) ◆ Southern Irish (all varieties) ◆ Northern Irish (all varieties) ◆ Australian (all varieties) ◆ New Zealand (all varieties) ◆ South African (all varieties) ◆ West African (all varieties) ◆ Brazilian Portuguese ◆ French (all varieties) ◆ Russian (all varieties) ◆ Czech ◆ Polish ◆ Serbian/Croatian ◆ Swedish (all varieties) ◆ German (all varieties) ◆ Dutch (all varieties) ◆ Japanese (all varieties) ◆ Chinese (all varieties) ◆ Vietnamese ◆ Hindi/Urdu (all varieties) ◆ Arabic (all varieties) ◆ Italian (all varieties) ◆ Spanish (all varieties) ◆ Caribbean (all varieties) ◆ Turkish