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Chris Lang

Chris Lang


About Chris

The goal in accent work is for the accent to be fully integrated into the actor’s impulses and the story being told. It has to live and breathe! At the same time, of course, it has to be accurate and consistent. I am expert in both sides of this process. I am passionate about both art and spoken language, and bring this into the room with me every time I coach. In teaching accents I utilize the principles of Knight Thompson Speechwork, a revolutionary method for achieving expertise in speech skills and accent acquisition. I am also a Fitzmaurice-based voice teacher.

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DCW Verified Coach

Knight-Thompson Speech Training

Fitzmaurice Voice Training

Corporate Coaching

Dialogue Coaching

Acting and Movement Coaching

Los Angeles, Albuquerque and Colorado Based,
Available to Work Worldwide

Accent Expertise

British: RP, Cockney, Yorkshire, Midlands, Liverpool, Manchester, Cornwall, Estuary

Irish: Dublin, Belfast. Galway, Kerry, Mayo Scottish: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Oban Wales: Cardiff, Northern Rural

European: French (Parisian, Provence, Alsace); Italian (Venice, Rome); German (Berlin); Russian (Moscow); Hungarian; Romanian; Ukrainian; Transylvanian;

Asian/Pacific: Korean, Japanese, Australian (Melbourne)

North American: “So-Called” General American; N YC (Brooklyn, Yonkers, Yiddish, Queens, Bronx, New Jersey); New England (Boston, North Shore, Southie, Rhode Island, Maine, Martha’s Vineyard, Connecticut); Southern (Both Hard and Soft ‘r’ dialects) – Appalachian (Eastern Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina); Deep South (New Orleans); Southwest (Houston, Lubbock); Midwest (Indiana, Iowa, Pittsburgh, Chicago (North Side), Wisconsin (Milwaukee), Twin Cities; West (So-Cal, Nor-Cal, Wyoming, Colorado West Slope)

More: Barbados, Trinidad, Cuban, Invented Dialects